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Products and Use Cases

Build people-centric solutions to real-life financial challenges

Use FINX data and payment APIs to create, safely test, and deploy a wide range of cutting-edge financial products.

Connecting to individual banks/institutions for financial information is time-consuming and expensive

You need a faster, more cost-effective solution for your fintech product.

You’ve tried other Open Banking platforms, but they have interfaces and processes that are too complex, and a developer experience that is less than ideal.

FINX offers a simple, unified API interface and secure infrastructure across a wide network of banks and financial institutions

Get direct access to account data and build highly secure, yet smooth customer experiences.

Account information
Get real-time financial information without navigating through complex infrastructures

Our unified Open Banking / Finance APIs provide data from multiple sources while helping you reduce overhead:

Give customers access to all their balances and transactions on one platform

Verify account holders easily with the end customers’ banks

Gather normalized transaction data from hundreds of banks across MENA

Ensure consent for full transparency and customer control

Payment Initiation
Improve customer satisfaction with secure account-to-account payments

Enable secure direct payments from customer accounts across our wide network of integrated banks and financial institutions:

Design seamless, convenient, and secure payment journeys, within your app’s ecosystem

Get a modern suite of tools, SDKs, and guides that help you build great merchant experiences

Get a cost-effective solution that doesn’t need connections with individual card acquirers

Skip the manual transfers, data entry, and complicated authentication processes

Data Enrichment
Convert raw data into valuable information about your customers

Enhance transaction data with additional context like merchant information, transaction categories, contact details:

Look up relevant merchant, transaction and customer information faster

Improve data accuracy and reduce redundant data

Reduce overhead from data cleansing, processing and normalization

Nurture customers with more personalised data-driven experiences

Financial Insights
Get actionable insights into your customers’ behaviour

Automate reporting of complex financial data and identify patterns within your customers’ transactions:

Verify account ownership without long-drawn processes and documentation

Enable quicker credit processes for customers and lenders with easy income verification

Offer hyper-personalised products and services on the basis of customer transaction data

Facilitate affordability scoring and help your customers make the data and analysis part of their financial planning

FINX is the Open Finance platform that works for everyone

Personal Financial Management

Automated transaction analysis for better budgeting

Unified, consented data from multiple banks

Easy monitoring of financial goals

No complicated spreadsheets

Income Verification

Streamlined request and approval process

Automate processes and enable straight through processing

Shorter approval cycles without the tedious paperwork

Fewer loan defaults

Digital Identity Verification

Easy KYC

Enhanced fraud prevention and AML/CTF/PeP checks

Cost-efficient, smoother experience

Automation and operational excellence

Buy Now, Pay Later

Easier approvals than traditional loans

No established credit history requirement

Independent analysis of creditworthiness

Quick and convenient

Build smarter financial solutions with FINX!

FINX data and payment APIs power great developer experiences and seamless customer journeys.