Your most secure, reliable, and developer-friendly Open Finance platform

FINX Connect is an Open Finance API aggregation platform providing secure and consent-driven access to Account Information (AIS) and Payment Initiation (PIS). 

With FINX Connect, you get

Access to data

Connect any data source and benefit from advanced data aggregation. 


Enjoy a perfect balance between security and best UX practices via Open Banking payments.

Data enrichment

Full clarity on a customer’s transaction history by enriching it with merchant identification and transaction categorisation.

Financial insights

Go beyond simple data aggregation - transform raw data into meaningful and actionable insights.

Enjoy a hassle-free developer experience and build embedded financial products

Onboard securely

With instant access to the entire platform - An interactive platform journey guides you every step of the way, from registration to monetisation.

Launch faster

Comprehensive documentation, self-help demos, sample code, and a robust support system help you deploy confidently, thus reducing glitches.

Prevent errors

Before real customers encounter them - Test your application in the sandbox and eliminate the need for third-party testing platforms.

Get real-time access to customer data without complex integrations

No manual uploading, no irate customers - Withdraw data directly from banks and financial institutions.

Skip the double work - Get access to customer data from a wide network of banks and financial institutions, even in other jurisdictions, with one simple API contract.

Gather data that counts - Collect detailed transaction and financial histories, with no redundant data, for a better overall understanding of your customers’ journeys.

Create an outstanding customer experience that prioritises security

Make payments convenient - Let your customers make direct payments, from their account to other banks and financial institutions, without leaving your app.

Design a seamless customer journey - Use our easy point-and-click process to align the look and feel of your customer’s authorisation and authentication journey.

Protect your customer data - Implement bank-grade security through multiple defensive encryption layers for secure financial services.

FINX is the Open Finance platform that works for everyone


Build smarter, more robust financial products with less effort

Banks & Financial Institutions

Manage connectivity with multiple TPPs and banks

SMEs and Corporates

Manage liquidity and balances with faster income verification


Get a 360° view of finances for more efficient financial management

Scattered paperwork and manual processes consuming too much of your time and resources?

FINX makes launching a fintech product faster and simpler.

Simple, unified API contract that bridges multiple jurisdictions and standards

An API sandbox for extensive pre-launch testing

A user experience that makes developing financial products a breeze

Comprehensive support and superior customer service

Flexible team and role management for organisations

Choose an Open Finance API that helps you build!